Visionary Media Productions offers services to register and list your business or company within various online
business directories to verify establishment for consumers, lenders and other third party sources for verification purposes.
With hundreds of online directories to choose from, VMP will register you in the top listed directories with the
highest search engine rankings in addition to directories specified for your particular market.

Visionary Media Productions directory listing registration services to register your business information address and website url online considered as off-page SEO©

~ Directory Listing Registration

What We Do:

Register your business with top ranked directories
Research your niche & register your business with specific directories
Validate business information, i.e., contact info, physical address, web url, email address, operation hours in addition to on/off-days
Update directory listing information as needed

*With the current online trend surpassing the traditional hard copy directory listings, business professionals now register their business info online for convenience and amount of consumer exposure that will reach the business.

Directory listings validate to a consumer or financial institution that the business is verifiably
established in the active business market. In the past, business owners would register their business and
list their business information within the Yellow Pages book, which at one point was the most
common physical form of a directory yet is no longer the common practice.


Although the online is now considered one of the top ranked directories within the
online directory market, the Yellow Pages is just one example out of the hundreds of directories available on the internet.
This is where VMP steps in and will assist you in making sure your business is listed in multiple directories that not only
best fit your marketing strategy, but will increase your search engine rankings in the process.