Visionary Media Productions generates connections of interest for your social media pages, creating an
established social network to market your concept. This pertains to the consumers perception on how well you are currently
“connected” and “liked” amongst the masses prior to the potential consumer connecting with you.

VMP supplies startup ideas, businesses and artists a means of establishment in order to generate new connections by
boosting your overall sense of image with social media connections, followers and fan page likes.

Visionary Media Productions creates social media business connections for LinkedIn Twitter Instagram SoundCloud Google Tumblr and Vimeo followers YouTube subscribers and Facebook page likesĀ©

~ Social Media Business Connections

What We Provide:

Facebook Fan/Business Page Likes, Followers, Comments, Post Likes & Shares
Twitter Followers, Page Likes, Retweets, Comments, Tweet & Content Likes
Instagram, Tumblr and Google+ Page Followers, Comments, Post Likes
YouTube, Vimeo, and SoundCloud Followers, Media Views & Likes, Comments
LinkedIn Connections, Business Page Followers, Post Likes & Post Shares,
Skill Endorsements, Profile Recommendations

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When a business, product or artist already has connections and an immediate following upon a new
consumer viewing a social media network, this triggers an internal reflex for the consumer to also have an interest to
connect and follow too. This is an added variable assuming the consumer has already taken
interest within that particular niche market, product or service itself.