Visionary Media Productions formulates a social media marketing plan and implements a posting structure
which fits best with your business concept. We analyze your market and the forefront competition to create a consistent
posting and management routine that will effectively launch your social media network to the next level.

Visionary Media Productions social media content postings management services and marketing pages with input commentary feedback and weekly posting updates to create new followers©

~ Social Media Management & Marketing

What We Provide:

Content research & related postings, i.e., images, articles and commentary
Brand awareness on/off-page, i.e., updates, specials and promotions
Input feedback on/off-page relative to clients market to engage consumers
Suggestive commentary on outside pages non-relative to the clients market
Adding “Groups”, “Following” & “Page Likes of Interest” relevant to brand
Single or Multiple daily postings on various multiple clients pages

*We offer custom and predesigned packages to manage a variety of your social media pages under one account. Contact Us! for more information.

Our page managing techniques and posting strategies instigates consumer response, sustains interest levels and
initiates consumer interaction to bolster your clout. Clients who do not have the time nor the interest in managing their own
social media pages, VMP has a team of professionals that will manage the details for you.